Setting Up Your Bearded Dragon Tank

If you are thinking of setting up a bearded dragon tank in your own home, you must get it right from the start. A mistake that many people make is buying a wild-caught bearded dragon instead of one that has been captive already.

Captive dragons are much easier to care for, as you do not have to do the strenuous work of trying to get your bearded dragon to eat, drink and mate in its enclosure. In this article, I will briefly go through a few aspects of caring for your bearded dragon so you can set up your tank correctly.

Setting Up Your Bearded Dragon Tank
Setting Up Your Bearded Dragon Tank

Like most lizards, bearded dragons do not like to be handled too often, and they get tired quickly. For that reason, it is a good idea to leave them in their enclosure when you are not at home. One way to do that is by a specially designed beardie bed. It is basically just a large tarp with a bed in it, so your bearded dragon can relax and stay away from stress.

Another issue that you will need to take into account is cleanliness. Since you do not have access to your bearded dragon while it is in its enclosure, you will need to bathe it regularly so that it looks clean. The best way to bathe a bearded dragon tank is with a wet towel so you do not accidentally spray it with water!

When it comes to feeding your bearded dragon, you will need to know what kind of things to feed it. This may sound like a no-brainer, but many new owners make the mistake of buying a bag of leaves, a couple of pieces of bread, and a couple of glasses of fruit juice. These are obviously very convenient, but they are actually harmful to your bearded dragon. I would suggest sticking to commercially prepared foods.

Your bearded dragon will need a water purification system. A water filter might also be needed for larger tanks. Your bearded dragon should have access to water throughout the day. If you give it access to water only at night or during extreme heat, you can cause your bearded dragon to become ill. Make sure to provide your bearded dragon with a water dish that does not sit on the bottom. This water will evaporate quickly if left sitting on the bottom.

Another thing that you will want to consider is keeping your bearded dragon tank clean. It is easy to create a mess if you are trying to maintain an aquarium. I do not recommend cleaning your bearded dragon tank by hand. Instead, buy a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for tanks that will fit inside your bearded dragon cage.

Once you have everything set up and ready to go, you will need to select a starter tank. Beginners love this part because they are just getting started on their journey to becoming the perfect bearded dragon.

This is a wonderful time for you and your bearded dragon to bond and learn from each other. The bearded dragon tank can also provide a nice hiding place for your new bearded dragon to retreat to when it becomes frightened or stressed.

Make sure to keep your bearded dragon tank clean. You can purchase a cleaner that will help keep the tank sanitized. If you have a hard time cleaning your bearded dragon tank, you may wish to consider purchasing a pre-cleaned tank. Having a clean tank is just as important to your bearded dragon as it is to a dog or a cat.

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