The Aquarium is Beautiful and Lively with Black Molly Fish

Some fish species require special conditions to survive. Black Molly is one such fish.

Black Molly is a brackish species of fish. These fish can’t survive in freshwater or saltwater. They should be kept in water with some salt. Although the salt content may not be as high as ordinary saltwater, they still need enough salt to survive. Black Molly cannot be kept in the same tank as other fish, either freshwater or saltwater.

The Aquarium is Beautiful and Lively with Black Molly Fish

Do some research online and consult your pet shop owner to determine how much salt should be added to the water.

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Their salt requirements do not cause concern about compatibility. Other species can survive in this partly salty environment.

Black Molly, aside from this particular requirement, is just like any other fish. It is often compared to a black guppy fish. This fish is a live-bearer. You should have a lot more baby fish than the adults. A male and female pair with no young fish around may become stressed and not feel at home in the environment. This could even lead to their death.

Despite these requirements, Black Molly can be cared for easily. The tank should have a minimum of 10 gallons. This is necessary to provide a safe environment for the fish. Over some time, the fish can grow to approximately two inches in size. It is recommended to keep a whole family in your tank. Should calculate the water capacity at two gallons for every inch of fish. If the family has ten members, you can put them in a tank with 20 gallons or more.

Should keep water at 75-85 degrees. Should install a lighting system to ensure sufficient light. They need 6 hours of sunlight each day. Do not leave the light on for longer than that. If you do, the temperature will rise, and the fish will become over-heated. They will return to their natural habitat if they are given light for six hours.

This fish is peaceful and loving. It will live happily with other species. It won’t chase or harm other fish in the aquarium. It doesn’t have the territorial ambition to swim happily around the tank with other fish without stress.

The fish can be purchased in the shop at a meager price, considering the cost of acquiring it. Even if you have a dozen family members, it’s still within your means. You may not need to spend more than $25

Black Molly does not have any specific food requirements. They will eat whatever food you provide for the other fish in the aquarium. Flaked food and pellets are acceptable. Although they are happy to eat fresh food such as brine shrimp and blood-worms occasionally, you shouldn’t give them any live food often. To find the best food for your fish, you can do a few experiments.

Black Molly fish are prevalent among fish keepers. If you use a mixture of mollies in different colors like gold and black, they will make your aquarium lively and beautiful.

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