What to Feed Green Iguanas

One of the most important factors in owning iguanas is what to feed them. An iguana that is fed poorly will not thrive, even if it is an older animal. Green iguanas are going to need a very diverse diet if they are going to have any chance at all of living a healthy life.

One thing that you can feed your iguana is fruit and vegetables. These will provide the bulk of your pet’s food needs, but make sure that there are other things in there such as grits and alfalfa hay as well.

What to Feed Green Iguanas
What to Feed Green Iguanas

Some iguanas may not prefer to eat fruits and vegetables, however. If you have one of these animals, you may want to think about cutting back on the fruits and vegetables. This is because some foods can actually be toxic for iguanas.

It would be best just to give them meat or perhaps some green vegetables occasionally, but don’t overdo it. Green leafy greens are also a great type of food for some iguanas.

Alfalfa hay is another food that you can feed your iguana. This is a great source of protein for your pet and there are actually several different types of alfalfa hay. Alfalfa is good for two things when it comes to what to feed green iguanas. First off, it contains lots of calcium which is important for your iguana’s teeth and bones. Next, it contains lots of potassium, which is great for keeping your iguana’s body water levels stable. It can also help prevent kidney stones and other health problems in iguanas.

What to feed green iguanas should also include some fruits. The fruits you should include will vary based on what type of iguana you have. You can feed your iguana the same fruits that you would eat yourself, but you might want to add a little extra sugar or even a little liquid fruit juice.

These are good for providing extra amounts of nutrition and energy for your iguana. However, do not give any fruits to iguanas that are poisonous to them. For example, if you have a bee on your property that is killing your bees, you absolutely do not want to allow your iguana to eat any of the bee’s products.

Other foods that you should not feed your iguanas are wheat products and grains. While these may be acceptable to others, they are definitely not okay for iguanas. The reason is that many iguanas are allergic to certain grains. If you are considering feeding your greenie a grain, then at least give it to them sparingly. At most once a week, you can introduce a couple of small grains.

You may also be interested in what to feed green iguanas if you live in an area that has a particular type of habitat. This type of habitat can cause the iguana to react to what you are giving them.

In this case, you would have to carefully read the food label and consult with your vet. Many people believe that wild alfalfa is okay for green iguanas, but it should always be given with caution. Also, you should not feed your green corn.

What to feed green iguanas is probably not one of those questions that you will get an answer to from a lab scientist. However, there are some things that you should know in order to make sure that your iguana is getting the proper nutrition needed for their size and health.

In the wild, they eat a wide variety of foods, but in captivity, the majority of what they eat will come from seeds. Their diet can become monotonous, so you will want to add new foods periodically.

Finally, what to feed green iguanas is probably not one of those questions that are going to be asked by a technician at the pet store. However, you should know what to feed them because it will affect their health and even determine the time at which they live.

It is important to keep their weight down because they are not known for being very active creatures. In the wild, they are primarily herbivores, so you will want to include plenty of green vegetables, whole grains, and fruits in their diet.

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