What You Need to Know About Affenhuahua Puppies

What You Need to Know About Affenhuahua Puppies

Affenhuahua or Affen Tzu is a breed of dog that developed for China. There are very few breeders in China that breed Affenhuahua. In the United States, Affenhuahua is mainly famous as a toy breed. Affenhuahua was also used in Chinese military training to train the archers.

Size. Affenhuahua is a small dog breed, which makes them ideal companions for people with small spaces. Being a toy breed, these dogs are pretty small. On average, Affenhuahua is between eight to twelve inches long and up to fifteen pounds in weight and between four and ten pounds in height.

What You Need to Know About Affenhuahua Puppies

Energy Levels. The energy levels of Affenhuahua are so low that they need a lot of exercise to keep themselves motivated. Activities like running, playing with other dogs, and playing with your hands can be enjoyable for these breeds. However, if you do not have enough time to spare to engage in such activities, you may consider getting your Affenhuahua an older dog like a Chinese pug.

Loving Care. If you have kids living at home, you might consider getting an Affenhuahua pup as your family pet instead of adopting one from a shelter. This is because an Affenhuahua has an excellent temperament and can be regarded as family. They love to spend time with their owners and other pets. So, as a responsible pet owner, it will be easy for you to provide for your cute little puppy, especially when they are young.

Good Temperament. A true Affenpinscher parent will never allow his or her Chihuahua to display any bad temperaments such as barking, jumping, scratching, or growling. You can spot an Affenpinscher by the way it holds its body and eyes.

If the eyes and the face are dilated, and the Chihuahua is leaning forward and showing solid teeth, this is the sign of potential danger and aggression. But, if the eyes are closed, and the Chihuahua is merely sitting down with a slightly lifted head – perhaps trying to look deep into your eyes – then this is a calm, sweet, and naturally friendly dog.

While the coat of these Affenpinschers may wear off faster than those of other dogs, their innate temperament and loyalty make them beautiful dogs for families with children. Affenpinschers are said to live for at least fifteen years and have the potential to live even more and become even elderly.

They love all attention so that they can become a bit of a problem at times because of their stubborn streak, but they’re worth it in the end because they’re so affectionate and loyal. In conclusion, while it’s been said that an Affenpinscher is not easy to train, with the proper training, you can create a dog that will fit in perfectly with your family.