Why Is The Afador Dog So Popular Among Dog Breeders?

Afador Dog

Why Is The Afador Dog So Popular Among Dog Breeders?

The Afador dog belongs to a vast and strenuous family of toy, pet, and show dogs. This really is one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world. It was probably brought by the people of Ancient Egypt about 500 years ago. However, it did not live with them as they had other dogs, and for this reason, they were bred so that they could be used as hunting dogs. In the later years, when the country changed from a rural to an urbanized society, the breed suffered in the competitions conducted for the show championship.

These days the breed can survive even though they have been affected by the recent disaster. But they are not entirely healthy or sound as they should be. The geneticist has improved the dogs’ health and has improved the coat condition to using it for competition. So now the Afador dog can be used as a fashion dog.

Why Is The Afador Dog So Popular Among Dog Breeders?

The health of the dog depends upon the diet that it is taken according to. The diet should include all the nutritional requirements of the dog-like vitamins, proteins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, protein supplements, fats, calcium, etc. All these nutrients are essential for a human being, and they should be taken in equal proportion by the dog also. When it comes to nutrition, should take the food in small quantities at regular intervals. Should take the dog through a nutritious diet that should include mainly grain products and some green vegetables, and some milk.

The life span of an Afador dog is around twelve years, and they do not live more than twelve years. They give their owner a long life span, which is why most dog owners prefer them over other dog breeds. Another factor that increases the life span of an Afador dog is the daily exercise that is given to the dog. The movement might be complex, but it is very beneficial for the health of an Afador dog. They enjoy playing and running around with their owners, rolling in sleeping sacks, and so on.

These are some of the reasons why the breeders keep on asking why the Afador is so popular among dog lovers. The breeders maintain that the Afador is a medium-sized dog and only needs daily exercise and grooming. This is not always the case as the dog’s size is not fixed, and it is possible that it can grow to be larger than ten or twelve years of age. So it is better to buy a bigger size and continue with the daily grooming and exercising to ensure a longer life span of this breed.

One thing that the breeders always recommend is that the Afador hound should be socialized from a very young age. It is not good to let the dogs be left alone in a crate during the training. If the puppies are not given a chance to interact with other animals during the workout, they will become fearful and withdrawn. They will also be challenging to train. Thus the best time to socialize these dogs is when they are four months old or older.